#1 – A Partridge in a Greek Salad

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

A partridge in a Greek salad.

Well, here we are – date #1 for the “12 Dates of Christmas” series.
(If you need to review the rules & terms, you can click here.)

Let me set the scene.

I met Niko on PlentyOfFish.  You can see his profile here.  I messaged HIM first because his profile made me giggle.
Niko (I took the liberty of replacing his very Greek name with an equally Greek one) has the humor thing in spades.  And y’all KNOW that’s my jam.

We texted a bit and, while I got the slight impression he may be a little bit flakey or a player or maybe not really looking for love, but just fun… I thought it couldn’t hurt to grab a drink and get to know him.  Plus, he was such a good sport about being written about!

So, I donned a black skirt, tights and tall boots with a purple sweater, which Niko would later refer to as my ‘eggplant look,’ and met up with the Greek comedian.  (Ok, ok…he’s in real estate).

Sorry for the blur… but I think our winning smiles make up for it?

The plan was to meet for Happy Hour at Hughes Hangar (a speak easy type bar/patio), but when we arrived they were closed (which made my hour less-than-happy…), so we moved the party over to Beaver’s* (a funky little restaurant/Gastropub in lower Heights), where we made flirty banter with our server Nathan (see pic below) and each other.

niko 4

Our silly server, Nathan

Niko is a FUNNY guy.  He had me laughing from the first moment.

Admittedly, I did find it tricky to get him talking about anything because he was throwing out one-liners, but how could I be too upset when I kept laughing?

I asked him about his story —where he was from, what he does, what his interests are, what brought him to Houston, etc. and we spent the next couple of hours weaving in and out of hearing him tell me all about his life.  (Interspersed with copious amounts of joking, of course).

At one point, when he told me he spoke French, I (of course) made him prove it, and it got us into a conversation about languages.  Apparently he speaks them all.  I made a silly comment about my dream of marrying a man who spoke Tagalog, and he then launched into a series of Tagalog phrases.  WHAT?  C’mon…

If you don’t believe me…I made him endure the camera… check it out:

 A Partridge in a Greek Salad

All in all, the date was nice.  But it was also one-sided.  While Niko is a very flirtatious and affectionate guy, he didn’t seem all that interested in learning about me.  He was definitely interested in my physical appearance, making comments about my “succulent lips” (wasn’t sure if he wanted to smooch them or braise them in a red wine reduction…), and taking full advantage of the photo op to scoot nice and close and put his arm around me (which I have ZERO problem with…I’m just painting the picture here).   But he never asked me ONE question about myself or remarked on ANYthing about me that didn’t have to do with the physical.   I let a couple of natural lulls in conversation sit for a moment, thinking he would “bite,” but he never did.

He made several self-referential comments about his hair or his dimple and such… and it almost seemed like he was “selling” himself…which is funny since he’s handsome enough to let the “product” sell itself!  He has an amazing smile and playful, expressive eyes.  So – there wasn’t any need to draw attention to the cute parts of him – my eyes and thoughts were already there.

About ¾ of the way through the date (it had a pre-determined end time because I was heading out to meet a friend for dinner afterwards), I playfully teased him about it, and he admitted we’d been Niko-heavy in conversation, but didn’t make an effort to rectify it.  Puzzling.

One other slightly off-putting element of the date was his propensity for crass or over-the-line humor.  This is a tricky wicket in dating because not only is everyone’s style of comedic engaging different, there are different levels of “naughty humor” that you can use as you get to know someone better and s/he feels more comfortable around you.  But, when you make a sexual reference/joke early on before you really know each other, it can be awkward or make you think (as I did) that he’s overly focused on sexual things and not particularly interested in being sweet or winsome.  It’s a delicate balance.

In the end, the date was fun.  I laughed a TON and would gladly hang out with Niko again…but I’m not sure I see a romantic relationship in our future.

As for the question of a second date, I’d decided that I was a “probably no, but not 100% sure,” and that I’d wait to see what HE did next to determine if I’d go another date.  I got one silly text from him the next morning (stay tuned to hear my thoughts on morning-after texting…I’m a fan), and I responded.  Then, nothing.  NOTHING!

I’m guessing he probably picked up on MY vibe which wasn’t as singularly focused as his…

So… if, by the time this goes to post, I still haven’t heard anything, I’ll assume he’s not interested in date #2 either.

Either way…he was a great sport, a lot of fun, and I’d love to hang out with him and let him make me laugh anytime – especially since he can apparently do so in Tagalog and 39 other languages.  C’est bon!

Niko 3______________________________________________________________________________________

* For those of you who haven’t tasted the delish food and amazing drinks at Beavers, (and for those of you who have and love it), if you mention my blog anytime in December, you’ll get a free appetizer!  (with a purchase of two entrees).  So – go have a date there yourself and maybe you’ll have even better luck getting a call-back than I did.  In any case your palette will thank you.

Thanks, Beavers!

beavers date

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