#2 – Two-Stepping Gent

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

a Two-Stepping Gent
and a Partridge in a Greek Salad

For this date, I broke two of my rules – no bald guys and no guys that aren’t taller than I am.
Yes, yes… go ahead and roll your eyes at my blatant vanity…But hey – the heart wants what it wants.

But I’m so glad I did.  This guy was a TON of fun.  And so sweet.  We’ll call him J.D.

JD 4

I also met J.D. on PlentyOfFish.  His profile, if you’re interested.  His first message to me said that his daughter was looking over his shoulder and said, “Oh, daddy – send HER a message.  She looks pretty and fun.”  (This girl is very wise).
My cynical side said, “he probably uses this line all the time… the ‘ol kid-hook,” but my trusting side thought it was SO sweet.  So, I bit.  And we exchanged a few messages over a couple of weeks before I finally asked him if he’d want to participate in the 12 Days series and go out sometime.  He was great about it and had an immediate suggestion of meeting at Big Texas Dance Hall and Saloon* to teach me to 2-step.  What could be MORE fun??

So, that’s exactly what we did.

JD 1

From the very beginning, he was easy to talk to, friendly, warm and sincere.
He also did something that is a dying art in this postmodern world of dating…he complimented me.  A lot.
Not in that sickeningly sweet over-the-top way, but in a genuine way where you really believed HE believed what he was saying.  All night long I heard about my beautiful “million-dollar” smile and how “fun” I was and he even said twice that I was pretty.

Side note for the guys:  This is a long-forgotten word that makes women swoon.  Take note.
There’s something about the word “pretty” that captures not only a woman’s beauty, but also a sense of femininity and sincerity.  I haven’t been told I was pretty in a long time and it made my heart melt a little.

Upon meeting him, he introduced a couple of friends that he’s know for forever that came along.  He explained a few minutes later that they’d been especially interested in seeing him get back on the dating scene, so when he announced that he had a date, they asked to join him and he had to make an in-the-moment decision.  He said, based on what he knew about me, that he figured I wouldn’t mind.  And, mostly I didn’t.  Having them there definitely added some flavor to the date – they were fun and silly and I could tell they were happy seeing him have a nice time.  It would’ve been different if we’d met for dinner, but getting together to dance at a place like this is different.  We could sorta weave in and out of spending time with them and on our own.  It worked out.

JD 3

Let me say THIS about JD…
the boy can DANCE.

Man – it was SO fun.  I teased him for doing too much fancy stuff before getting us into a rhythm of the basics, but I think I held my own and was a pretty decent partner, considering I’m not nearly the pro he is.

And he was so gracious when I would mess up or step on his poor toes.

He was also a great sport about getting out there for the cheesy songs (Justin Timberlake, the Cupid Shuffle, etc.) – doing crazy moves on the dance floor and generally just having a great time.

Hard to tell, but that's me being dipped (on the right).

Hard to tell, but that’s me being dipped (on the right).

After an hour or so of chatting and dancing, we passed by the pool tables en route to the restrooms and I asked if he was any good.  He took the cue (see what I did there?) and aked me to play.  ALWAYS a fun date activity.

I should note here that I am not any good at billiards.  Ping pong, yes.  Pool – no.  But, who cares?  It’s fun and even if (when) I get trounced, it’s an enjoyable way to spend time with someone.  You get to throw out a little trash talk, talk about your options on the table and of course, see if you can catch him checking out your backside when you crouch down for a shot.  😉

Aformentioned crouching.

Aformentioned crouching.

So – after the game of pool, we went and sat on one of the couches and talked for a while – about relationships, dating, etc.  It was easy and interesting.  Something came up about texting a girl the day after a date and I made some comment about it being important to me to hear from a guy – especially if there’s a kiss the night before – to which he deftly responded, “well… will there be?”  Well played, JD.  I looked up and gave him my best coy “I don’t know!” and he pulled my chin in for the sweetest kiss.   Refreshingly, he didn’t jam his tongue into my mouth or start attacking my body with his hands…he just kept it sweet and light and perfect for a first date.  And then he complimented me on my smooching.  What better way to end a kiss?

JD 5

We danced some more after that and I told him I needed to head out.  (After all, it WAS a school night).  For our last dance, he had shown me this 1-2-3, 1-2-3 pattern earlier in the night (my friend Tyler says it’s a polka…that doesn’t sound very “cool,” so…I don’t know…), and a song came on that we could do that dance to, …only it was insanely fast!  He asked if I was up to it and, despite the fact that I knew I wasn’t, I replied with an enthusiastic “sure!”

I’m telling you… I’ve never had SO much fun on the dance floor as that dance.  It felt like a ride at a theme park.  He was so strong in his leading and we twirled around so much – I’m convinced that at least once my feet actually both came off the floor.  We were out of breath by the end and I think we must’ve circled the dance floor 15 times in one song.  SO.  MUCH. FUN.

Sign me up for that – ANYtime.

He walked me out to my car and gave me another sweet kiss before I left.  Again – nothing over the top or aggressive – just right.

The next morning, I got this text:


Not bad, JD.  Not bad at all.

As to the question of a second date… I’m not sure.
Unlike Niko (from Date #1), JD did ask me out to dinner – even offered to drive to my neck of the woods and go to “my favorite place” which was so thoughtful.

While I had SUCH a fun time with him dancing and playing, I’m not sure we’re a great match.

I think our worlds are pretty different, and I’m just not sure I felt the spark I’d like to with someone.  These things aren’t always easy to explain in words — and certainly, I’m not going to go into the specifics with hundreds of strangers on my blog.
But, suffice it to say that I was impressed with him and I had a great time.  He made my night, and he’s definitely going to make some woman very happy.


*Big Texas Saloon & Dance Hall has graciously offered the coupon below to get in for FREE on a Saturday night!  What??  That’s amazing!  Who wants to go 2-stepping?
A huge thank you to them for such a great time on Date #2, the friendliest bartender ever and many more nights of boot scootin’ fun to come.

Big Texas Q-Card

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2 Responses to #2 – Two-Stepping Gent

  1. Bonnie says:

    Girl, the polka is awesome, especially a fast one to some country music!! You are sooooo lucky he was a good dancer, that is the most fun you can have on a date, in my humble opinion. My Dad is an incredible c&w dancer, he goes several times a week, and I always have a blast dancing with him. And my feet come off the floor quite often! (I know what you mean that when they are that good, your flubs don’t even matter because they are so good at leading). I have never danced with anyone who comes close to being as good, so I know what a gift that is (some guys suck at it, including my poor hubby : ) Sorry you didn’t have a love connection, but if you’re ever in the mood for boot scootin’ again, you can borrow my Dad : )

  2. Jill Garofano says:

    Dear Lord, I need to move to Texas!! NY guys suck!! yee haawwww he sounds like a winner and too bad you didnt connect cuz I sure would have!! this 12 dates of Christmas is fun!! cant wait to read about the next one!!

    Jill (in lonely upstate NY)

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