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She has the NEED… the Need for Speed

You know the moral of that old classic fable, Tortoise and the Hare – “Quick and dirty wins the race?” Wait, what…. that’s not it?  Really?  I coulda sworn that was it. Well – anyhoo – speed may not win … Continue reading

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Breaking All the Rauls

With all this talk of breaking things off, I thought I’d tell you a related story from my own dating life. I have permission to share the story, but on the condition that I refer to this man as “Rahul.” … Continue reading

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Breakin’ Up is Hard to Deux

So…HOW exactly do you break things off with someone when you’ve decided you’re not a good fit, you ask? (No, literally, several people have asked me this recently). I say, you can’t go wrong with honesty. No, not the nasty … Continue reading

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It’s so Ha-a-a-ard to say GoodBy-y-y-ye to Men Todaaaaayyy…

Neil Sedaka knew a great truth about the world of love.  Breaking up IS hard to do. But, take heart – putting the kibosh on a budding romance these days doesn’t have to be the sad-song-mix-tape making, soul-crushing drama it … Continue reading

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Game of Drones

  A few weeks ago, I received a comment replying to one of my posts, from a man I’d gone out with once.   His response answered the question of what had happened with us, but it sparked so many more … Continue reading

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Sheep’s Head Wednesdays

I met with another blogger the other day (I’d tell you who, but she’s much funnier than I am and I can’t have all 14 of my readers jumping ship YET…) who gave me some advice on ways to improve … Continue reading

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Gimme a minute…

Friends, Houstonians, Readers, lend me your patience. As some of you know, my laptop was stolen last week.  On my birthday.  Yup.  And with it, went a half-finished book, my long list of blog post ideas and an entire folder … Continue reading

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Nice Guys

I feel like the Y2K of my dating career is about to occur. At midnight on Thursday, my age on all the dating websites where I have a profile will flip to the next number… effectively changing my own age … Continue reading

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