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Shipping & Handling

People have been asking me to talk about which online dating sites are best, so I thought I’d give you my opinion of some of the big players. But, when it comes down to it, all these sites really offer … Continue reading

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Ask Sarah – Emotional Safety

Dear Sarah, “What does it MEAN to feel “safe?” A lot of women use that phrase, but I’m never quite sure what they mean?” Fantastic question!  Talking about this kind of stuff is my jam – I love it. I’d … Continue reading

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Single Bands

When I see a handsome guy who MAY be remotely close to me in age, the very first thing I do is look down at his wedding ring finger to see if he’s married.  If I see a ring, well … Continue reading

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Ask Sarah – Death March?

Sarah, So, in my recent singleness, I fired up the old online dating profile(s) again. I’ve gotten a few bites, and a couple of pretty promising leads.  With one girl who I particularly fancy, we went from conversing on the … Continue reading

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Dating at the Baggage Claim

Men are like waffles. Or, wait…they’re from Mars and I’m from Venus, right? Or is it that finding one is like picking out shoes? Well, today – I contend that picking the right man or woman is a lot like waiting on … Continue reading

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Let’s Get REAL…like the housewives

Ok, I admit it – I’m about to recycle and old post on you guys.  But a have a really good reason… I’m out of ideas.   HA ha!! As if! I have more ideas than I’ll probably EVER get … Continue reading

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Ask Sarah – V Day

Dear Sarah, How can one navigate the tricky waters of Valentine’s day? I feel like it puts undue pressure on a new relationship and would rather skip all the hubbub. I think Valentines is better for couples in established relationships. … Continue reading

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Speed Dating – Raul’s Take

Some of you will remember “Raul”… a friend of mine who guest posts from time to time.  The short version is this… we dated briefly…he was dead weight, so…I cut him loose… and he BEGGED me to write for my … Continue reading

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Stalking is Sexy

I think we’ve already established that dates are like interviews.  Anyone on the dating scene knows this to be true.  And if you prepare for an interview, wouldn’t you do the same for a date? But, today’s question is – … Continue reading

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Speed Dating – 2.0

Some of you may remember my first foray into speed dating last summer…which, aside from the entertaining story it provided and a friend I made in the process, was a colossal failure.  When you endure a 5-min. long detailed description … Continue reading

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