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Ready to Rumble? – People Aren’t the Problem

One of the first steps in the art of negotiation is to “separate the people from the problem.”  Put aside the relational issues and focus on the substance/content. Easy, right?  Ha! How in the WORLD do you tease out the … Continue reading

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Good Fellas

I’ve gotten a few discouraged e-mails over this last week from readers (I think it was the “let me sniff it” message that really put a damper on peoples’ confidence in the world), so I thought I’d do a “nice … Continue reading

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Ask Sarah – Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Dear Sarah, I’m curious, have you ever written anything regarding facial hair on men? I’ve sprouted some recently and I’m always interested in how differently girls respond to me when I have it. Someone even told me it made me … Continue reading

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Ready to Rumble? – Know Thyself

One of the first steps in becoming a better fighter is increasing self-awareness. Wow… this really rings of a wax-on-wax-off kinda talk, doesn’t it, grasshopper? Imagine any scenario where you’ve had friction with someone… inevitably the human instinct is to … Continue reading

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It seems there’s a rain cloud  thunder cloud  post nuclear mushroom cloud hovering over my love life.  It’s been a while since something exciting or hopeful crossed my love-seeking path… Hey – it happens. And, while it’s disappointing, I can … Continue reading

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Ask Sarah – Rebounding

Dear Sarah, How can you avoid becoming someone’s rebound? Well, let’s define our terms first.  Because when most people use the term “rebound,” they don’t just mean the person someone dates right after coming out of a long-term relationship.  There’s … Continue reading

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Ask Sarah – Pumping the Brakes

Sarah, I’m currently dating while separated with a pending divorce.  My profile is honest about this fact.  I’m also up front about the fact I’m just looking for new friends and expanding my social circles.  Recently I had the pleasure … Continue reading

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Are You Ready to Rumble?

Let’s talk about fighting! One of the dumbest things people say (and I hear this ALL the time), is:  “I just really HATE conflict.” DUH!  I can’t stand when I hear people say this because it’s usually a way of … Continue reading

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Ask Sarah – Kind Rejection?

Dear Sarah, As I am thinking more about dating in the future (my divorce is finalized in April) the thought of having to tell guys I’m not interested in them terrifies me. I know you have done it while maintaining … Continue reading

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