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Ask Sarah – Supermarket Serendipity – pt. I

Dear Sarah, Over the years I’ve kind of developed this theory that what pornography does to men destructively, the cute romantic comedy and romance literature, and Disney movies do to women (obviously they’re not the same in terms of decency). … Continue reading

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Sister Rivalry

A friend of mine threw a costume party recently and I bought an outfit online to wear (dumb move).  When it arrive and I tried it on, it was immediately apparent that it wasn’t gonna work.  So, I offered it … Continue reading

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Ask Sarah – Money, Money, Money

Dear Sarah, At what point in the course of dating is it fitting to start talking finances, i.e. income, net worth, assets, debts, etc?  This is a part of reality that can’t be ignored. But it also isn’t appropriate for … Continue reading

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Let’s Not Get Greedy, Now

Yesterday I overheard two girls talking in line at a cafe, and one said, in a cavalier tone, “I mean… JUST because I’m engaged, doesn’t mean I HAVE to marry him!” Um……… doesn’t? I posted this on Facebook and got … Continue reading

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Ask Sarah – Uncomfortable Silences

 Dear Sarah, Ok, you meet someone online.  There’s a bit of a spark.  You chat, then move to text.  You set up a date but due to scheduling issues the date gets pushed out.  Text conversation is simmering down to … Continue reading

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Ready to Rumble? – Body Talk

What is your body telling people that you’re not? Did you realize that only a SMALL percentage of communication actually occurs with our words? The rest is communicated with para-linguistic (non-verbal) cues, like facial expressions, posture, eye movements, etc. It … Continue reading

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Ask Sarah – Girls in Cars

Dear Sarah, Why do women take so many photos in their cars?  Are they trying to prove that they know how to drive?  Big woo… Ahhh…the classic car selfie shot.  I know it well. Here’s the deal, fellas… When we women … Continue reading

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