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Ready to Rumble? – The Art of Apology

One of the most dramatically powerful artforms in human relationships is a good apology. A good apology can soften the hardest heart, heal deep wounds and restore hope to what seemed lost. But…there are a lot of bad apologies floatin’ around … Continue reading

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Ask Sarah – Bad Sex

Dear Sarah, I’ve recently started dating again and was trying a “new MO.”  I confess that I watch The Millionaire Matchmaker and she has a rule of ” no sex before monogmamy.”  So, I thought I’d give this a try.  … Continue reading

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Ready to Rumble? – Talking to Myself…

  Today’s topic: the internal monologue, also known as intrapersonal communication or, “self-talk.”   Now, before you go all Stuart Smalley on me, (“I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and doggone it, people LIKE me!)… I’m talking about something a … Continue reading

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Ask Sarah – Supermarket Serendipity – pt. II

Dear Sarah, Over the years I’ve kind of developed this theory that what pornography does to men destructively, the cute romantic comedy and romance literature, and Disney movies do to women (obviously they’re not the same in terms of decency). … Continue reading

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You’re a Jerk. It’s all my fault?

The post last week about women’s expectations of fantasy/romance (you can read it here) has sparked quite the feedback, especially from my male readers.  Totes interesante. In particular, my friend and blog-reader I referred to in the post as being a … Continue reading

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