#3 – Three Taco Bobs

On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

3 Taco Bobs
2-Stepping Gent
and a Partridge in a Greek Salad

Meet Taco Bob.  A guy who greets you at the front door with your favorite beer in hand.

Taco Bob 1

Yup.  What a great way to start a date!  But, I’m getting ahead of myself, so let me set the stage.

This is Jason.  Yes – Jason is his actual name…he’s letting me use it because we are just friends (and still are, even after going out…whew!).

Jason first contacted me on OKCupid with a sweet message about enjoying my profile.  I can’t link to his because he disabled it a few weeks ago.
We chatted online a bit and then talked on the phone and he was SO sweet.  He has an ever-so-slight southern accent and he told me that he liked the way my hair falls to frame my pretty face.
Swoon…. are you serious?
A southern accent complimenting your hair and pretty face?
I was in.

We continued texting and playing Words-With-Friends, but he never seemed to jump at the idea of hanging out.  Then he disappeared.  After a few days of no contact, I texted him to check in.  He wrote back a very gracious and thoughtful text saying that he’d been doing some thinking and soul-searching and had realized he’s really not ready to date after all.  I told him I was disappointed, but glad that he’d figured that out before investing in some woman and ending up hurting her (been there).

So, we kept in touch as friends and when the 12 Dates of Christmas idea rolled around, I asked if he would be my “Friend Date,” to which he graciously obliged.

We met at Dave & Busters to go bowling and when I arrived, he was waiting at the door with a Blue Moon in hand for me.  What??  Totes adorbs.

We went up to bowl, and despite this being a friend date, he insisted on paying.  Southern accent AND a gentleman?  Are you SURE you’re not ready to date?  Ok, ok…

When we were getting the game set up, I suggested that we pick out crazy names instead of using our own, and he was all for it.  Within 5 seconds, he said, “I’ll be Taco Bob.”   *Love*

SO – Taco Bob and Sassy Dragon hit the lanes.

Taco Bob & Sassy Dragon

Awww Yeah, baby

Bowling was a blast.  We got to tease each other for bad throws, discuss our technique (which mostly meant laughing at the fact that I apparently start my stance/walk with my hip poked out to the side… What?
That’s not how the pro’s do it?),
and generally just have fun.

Here and there we took little breaks to chat, but mostly we just giggled and played.

I hate to BRAAAAaaaag, but……..
(I actually don’t hate to brag at all…I rather enjoy it)…
I totally kicked his tail.

Hey – if this had been a real date, maybe I woulda gone easier on him
(nope…I would’ve played my best no matter what, who are we kidding).

Taco Bob gets beat

I’m just sayin’…

After a couple games, we headed downstairs to get a bite to eat.  All this time I thought that Dave & Busters just had a bunch of nasty fried food, but they have a real menu with healthy options on there!  Who would’ve guessed?

We talked quite a bit about our jobs, our lives… and it was nice.  We joked and laughed and he was an absolute delight.

Taco Bob 2

(I should say, for the record, that he did NOT like having his picture taken, so the very fact that there are ANY to post – is a testament to his sportsmanship.)

When we finished up at D&B, the night was young, so we decided to go get some Frozen Yogurt in the Heights.

Oh – did I mention he lives WAAAAAaaay out in Blahbety-Blah, TX?  Yeah… it’s quite the drive to Blahbety-Blah, so the fact that he was willing to drive further INTO the city for FroYo with me…was sweet.  Especially given that it was a friends-only date.

A note on the friends-only thing.  He asked me a few days later if there were any negative parts to our date and I told him no.  But one thing we did do, that I would NOT care to do so much on a ‘real’ first date, is talk in depth about our exes.  Y’all know by now that I’m not one to follow the rules of “don’t talk about’s” on dates and I’m an open book.  But, on the other hand, if I don’t know someone well, I’m certainly not going to go into the nitty-gritty of who-done-who-wrong either.  One of the nice things about this being friendly and not romantic, is that we were more free to talk about those things.  And since his divorce is still relatively fresh, he had some stuff to talk about and I think (I hope, at least), that I offered a good listening ear and some encouragement about life post-divorce.  So – what would’ve been a slight turn-off on a real date was one of the nice parts of having a friend-date.  If that makes sense.

So – I introduced Jason to the world of Menchie’s — Smileage card and all.  We sat in the little parlor room and decorated the blackboard.

We talked about music and friends and all sorts of stuff.
Like I said… delightful.

Taco Bob at MenchiesAll in all – a lovely time.  We walked out to our cars, hugged goodbye and have been texting on and off since.

I’m sure we’ll hang out again.  I invited him to join my singles crew that next night, but he was working (I would tell you what he does, but it’s one of those jobs that (according to him) when people hear, they assume and attribute negative qualities (like all those lawyer jokes, I suppose), so I’ll leave that a secret).

Two quick notes before signing off of Date #3’s report:

– I love that Jason was self-aware and honest enough to know that he’s not ready and say so.  I think there are a LOT of guys out there who confuse loneliness for readiness and it ends up hurting the women who fall in love with them.  So – props to you, Taco Bob.

– This making friends thing is one of the unexpected gifts of my foray into online dating.  SO many of my current friends (the guy friends) are men I never would’ve known if it hadn’t been for the online dating scene.  So – even when dates don’t work out for the romantic/long-term, there’s still an option of adding a friend to your life… and what could be better than that?


Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt in Houston’s Heights, has generously offered a coupon for free FroYo!  So – go have a sweet date with whatever extras you want mixed in (see what I did there?)!  Thank you, Menchie’s!

Menchies Coupon

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    How sweet! God is good like that ; )

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