#9 – Nine Friends A-Tempting

On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

9 Friends A-Tempting,
8 Cradles A-Robbing
7 Smoke’s A-Blowing
6 Skirts A-Dropping
Sca-ven-ger Huuuunt…
4 Snowboarding Yanks
3 Taco Bobs
2-Stepping Gent,
and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

I feel I should tell you that this AND the next date are platonic.

Thud.  <—the sounds of thousands of readers dropping their smartphones/ipads/etc. out of indignant disappointment.

But hold on… just because the dates weren’t filled with smooches and declarations of future love, doesn’t mean they weren’t fantastic.

Let’s start with Andrew (oooooooohhh….using his real name and EVERYthing.  Scandal.  Well…as much scandal as is possible when the person tells you it’s ok…).

Remember WAY back on date #3 (Taco Bob… bowling…frozen yogurt…ringing any bells?), when I posted a coupon for Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt in the Heights?  Well…. when I wrote to the corporate office to ask them if they’d consider providing a coupon for me to post on my blog, I got THIS reply:

andrew e-mail

To which I responded… “How old are you?  Can I see a picture?”  Ok, so maybe I said it a little more diplomatically than that, but c’mon – I knew nothing about this guy, except that he co-owns a Frozen Yogurt shop.  Hmmm… now that I think about it – that’s really all I need to know.

He promptly replied with some number where there was a 3 in the front, and a photo of a very handsome man.  I was in.

We started making plans, and in our back and forth e-mails, I could tell he was an intelligent guy, and witty.  So, of course, he crushed my growing anticipation by clarifying that this was just a friend date, because he is dating someone else and wanting to be honorable in pursuing her.  Y’all, he used the word pursuing – no lie.  Sigh…

So – here I am with a date set up with a guy who’s handsome, runs a business (not to mention, one that could keep me knee deep in mint FroYo), is funny, smart, aaaaaaaaaaaaand……….unavailable.  Awesome.

But, I figured, how can I pass it up?  I know we’ll enjoy each others’ company – I could tell that much from the back and forth e-mails.  And I DID say I was going to have all sorts of dates showcased in this series, so… yeah.

We decided a daytime walk/bite-to-eat in the Heights was in order (and since I knew there was no chance of a mug-down session, I didn’t need to cleverly suggest somewhere that we could nestle into a smoochy nook).  I had to change our plans a couple of times because of kiddo’s schedules and he was quite gracious about it, playfully teasing me about being “back burnered.”

We met for lunch at Liberty Kitchen, an Oyster bar in the Heights, and it was smooth sailing almost from the first hello.


Sorry for the blurry shot…

Now – THIS is the kind of date that I don’t think anyone really wants to read about… because it was just …nice!  Bad dates are entertaining, but a guy who’s polite, kind, funny, intelligent and handsome, while a fantastic lunch partner, doesn’t exactly make for stem-winding reading.

But, I promised you honest accounts of my 12 dates, so – splash some water on your face and let’s do this.

Andrew was great.  Too great, actually.  I’ll explain in a minute.  He was friendly – quick with a smile and a laugh, did a great job of keeping that balance of talking about himself and asking me questions about me, had a great sense of humor, and was all around pleasant company.  And so handsome.  And did I mention that he’s a Christian (some of you may remember that’s a thing for me… to find someone who lines up with me in what we believe)?  Yeah – when I cyber-stalked…er… did some preliminary research on him before we met (which, of course, I NEVER usually do……ahem…), I saw some things on his FB page that made me think he MIGHT be, but at lunch I got to ask him about his church, and was pleasantly surprised to find a guy who not only believes what I do, but can articulate the motivation behind choosing his church…which speaks to his character and level of engagement with his faith.


So – really – the only thing wrong with this guy, that I can tell… is that he’s someone else’s guy.

Honestly, this date was funny for me because it left me with two opposing emotional reactions.

On the one hand, I felt this sense of sadness that I finally found a great guy – the kind of guy I could totally fall for… and he’s taken.  AAaaargh!!!  Frustrating.
On the other hand, I felt a renewed sense of encouragement that I CAN be picky and hold out for the kind of man I want – because there ARE still some out there.  I haven’t had that feeling in a while… I mean – I’ve met some AMAZING men in this journey, but only once in a while do I encounter someone who really meets that ‘can’t put your finger on it’ “THING” I’m looking for.  And, while Andrew may not be the one for me, he represents the fact that the pool isn’t completely dry.  And, the very thing that was most discouraging (his being already committed to another woman) is also a piece of what makes him so attractive (that commitment to that other woman… shows his character and his heart).


So… the search continues.

Sigh with me, will you?

But, the date wasn’t completely in vain… I think I may have convinced him to bring the mint Frozen Yogurt back.  I mean, c’mon… who even eats Taro?  It’s just a food-snob’s coconut.  But, I digress.

Take away:
Andrew- good guy.
Date- refreshing.
Menchie’s- the place to go for a sweet treat.
Sarah’s love life – soldiering on.


A note about this series…

Just because today is Christmas doesn’t mean I’m tapping out at 9.  I’ve completed my 12 dates – but I just didn’t have the time to GO on all of those dates AND write them up, while living a (relatively) normal life with jobs and children and the holidays demanding my time!  So… stay tuned.  They’ll be posted before Epiphany <–(that’s for the church-calendar nerds out there).

And while I’m adding postscripts – let me also remind you that in mere days, “AndAllThatSass” will be moving to my very own website!!  Keep reading for more information…

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