Ask Sarah – Girls in Cars

Dear Sarah,

Why do women take so many photos in their cars?  Are they trying to prove that they know how to drive?  Big woo…

Ahhh…the classic car selfie shot.  I know it well.

Here’s the deal, fellas…car selfie

When we women get ready to go out – we do it right.  Assuming we have the luxury of time in the dolling up process, there’s a multi-step system to full beautification.

Let’s say I’m going out with some friends to dinner and dancing on a Friday night – I’m going to give myself enough time to shower, use all the expensive skin and hair products, take the time to blow dry my hair JUST right, curl it JUST right, pick out JUST the right outfit…

(which often means that my bed becomes a graveyard of rejected outfits – THIS shirt with THAT pair of jeans, …no – THAT pair only works with THIS sort of top… no, how about a dress and boots?  No…leggings and heels?  Wait…what about the first shirt with the leggings and THIS necklace.  No wait, …hard to dance with a necklace flying everywhere… maybe the heels at dinner and change INTO the boots?  What about if it’s cold?  ….the internal dialogue is dizzying, truly.)

Then, you put on your makeup the way you only can on a weekend night – where you take the time to actually put it on NOT while driving or taming children or propping the phone between your ear and shoulder to talk to your friend who’s going through a rough time…   No, this is the sort of makeup application where you start with a bold red lip so that you can feel that confidence coursing through your veins while you put on the rest… and taking the time to put that tiny bit of frosted powder in the corners of your eyes or on your cheekbones to contour your face JUST right…

And if it’s me, all the while I’m jamming to some fun music (I keep my speakers in my bathroom for just this reason, actually), which is building the anticipation for the night ahead.

So – when the time finally comes to hop in the car… and I see myself in the rear view mirror… I’m seeing what I think is the best version of me – all primped and polished and ready to go – before the evening adds its patina of wear and tear to my look – before the humidity or well-intending hugging friends undo my curls or sipping my yummy drink removes my lipgloss – just the way I want the world to see me.  So, it’s the time to snap a photo to show me at my best!

Add to that – not only do I feel my prettiest, but I’m also full to the brim with excitement about the evening ahead and confident in my ‘look,’ so my mood is great.

Is there a more perfect storm for the self-taken photo?  Lookin’ good and feelin’ great?

So – we snap away.

It has nothing to do with the car or with driving – just in the stars aligning in such a way that we feel picture-worthy.

And often there’s no one around in those moments to TAKE the picture.  I mean – if you’re single and on your way to hang out with friends – you’re usually getting ready and leaving the house alone.  So – you take the photo yourself.

And THAT is the story of how the car-selfie was created, boys and girls.


Hope that helps shed some light on the female way.

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  1. Dear Sarah,

    Why do so many guys take photos with their shirts off?

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