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Love Kills

Warning – the following blog post is wrought with reverse sexism.  It’s a joke, people.  Please don’t comment about how I’m setting women’s rights back.    Recently, I’ve had a bit of a bug problem.  Gross, huh?  Well – it’s … Continue reading

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McSmarmy 2.0 and the Loser Pips

Let’s take a trip to the jerk store. Every town has at least one (Houston has 14)…and there you can find all manner of misogynists, scoundrels, miscreants and generically rude persons. They come in every size, color and breed. In … Continue reading

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“THAT Guy” – Mr. Soapbox

Alright… if you’re just now joining us, we’re returning once again to the real-life chronicles of Sarah’s dating life.  In this episode of our “THAT Guy” series, we’re exploring the world of those men who feel the strong need to … Continue reading

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“THAT Guy” – Mr. McSmarmy

SO… interspersed throughout my broadly judgmental musings on dating, I thought I’d include some personal accounts of particular men (names will be changed…. obvi) or archetypes of men.  I’ve asked some friends to help contribute to this sub-series, so we … Continue reading

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