Dating, Disclaimers & Dysfunction….Oh My!

Alright.  Let me start with some sweeping disclaimers.  This blog:

–       may contain irreverent and inappropriate humor.  And, by “may,” I mean it most decidedly will.

–       is not suitable for people who have had their snarky gland removed.

–       Should not be taken with other medication, including self-righteousness, serious pills, anti-fun-amines, critical tablets, or anything else that will make you a sassy girl’s buzzkill

I decided to start this blog because I’ve had such ……. an “adventure” in this new season of dating… and some of it is so horrifically wrong that, in its absurdity, is actually quite amusing.  The more I talked with friends about my aforementioned ‘adventures,’ the more I decided there was enough to say about all this – that perhaps it merited some kind of public venue.

 Here’s the plan:  I plan on exploring the deeply troubled world of online dating (especially as it relates to a woman in her 30’s), the comical struggles of being a single mother, broader issues of life and love as they occur or come to me, and the intermittent thoughts and musings of guest contributors (fellow soldiers on the single front-lines).

So, there you have it.  I plan on exposing my own humorously dysfunctional foray into the world of dating – for your entertainment.  Buckle up, friends…

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One Response to Dating, Disclaimers & Dysfunction….Oh My!

  1. Mike and Laura Icardi says:

    I’m prepared to be offended, scandalized, and sassed. Bring it on!

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