Gimme a minute…

Friends, Houstonians, Readers, lend me your patience.

As some of you know, my laptop was stolen last week.  On my birthday.  Yup.  And with it, went a half-finished book, my long list of blog post ideas and an entire folder of profile pictures, screenshots, messages, etc. for months and months of ‘Winner’s Circle’ posts.

Sigh with me, will you?

I watched the video feed of the jerk-store who took it.  Unfortunately, it turns out, real life security camera software doesn’t work the same way as it does on CSI.  When you zoom in on a pixelated license number, there is no button that will “clean it up.”  Trust me – I tried banging the keyboard in a determined and hacker-like fashion, whilst spouting phrases like, “if I can just access the mainframe,” and “I’ll use the network’s back door to gain entry to the network drive flux capacitor…” (and other totally cool stuff like that)… and still – no luck.

So – McStealy now has all my treasured thoughts and musings on the world of online dating.  If you see a book on the shelves in the coming months where the first half is brilliant, pulitzer prize caliber writing and the second half sounds like it was written by E.L. James’ pet bunny, you’ll know what happened.  (Then again… it’s quite likely that the pet bunny could churn out something easily 50shades better than its owner…but I digress).

Anyway… there’s good news and bad news.  The good news is that I have a great new computer.  Huzzah!!  Turns out your birthday is a fantastic day to be robbed.  Especially if you break into heaving sobs with the woman from your bank who’s helping sort out your renter’s insurance.

Pamela, from USAA, was so sweet to listen to me list all the strange and sundry items I keep in my computer bag, including, but not limited to: perfume, curling iron, folders of music, various teas & stevia packets, workout headphones, a small ferret and, of course, the computer with all the necessary cables/cords.  (OK, fine… one of those isn’t true… who would keep a curling iron in their computer bag?  Pshyah….).

The bad news is that I’ve lost a wealth of information… including all sorts of bloggable material.  So, bear with me as I rebuild my lost empire of depressing online photos and messages, as well as my bank of subject ideas.

To that end… if any of you have any topics (related to dating, online dating, relationships, etc.) that you’d like to hear my snarky take on – please feel free to comment away!!

And don’t go anywhere while I’m taking a brief pause to reload my new baby with all the programs, documents and photos I’ll need to get back on track.

Oh, and lastly – should you see a bald, black man driving a silver Toyota Tundra and giggling as if he’s read the sassy thoughts of this single mama… you know what to do.

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4 Responses to Gimme a minute…

  1. Robyn says:

    So sorry to hear the bad news! maybe it was one of the gentlemen from your blog!? Speaking of, I had dinner with a girlfriend last weekend…long story short…she’s also on OKCupid and received the identical photos of the guy with just the tie. He claimed to live in Tallahassee…hmmm…do you smell something fishy??

  2. loriwilb says:

    so bummed about this. still holding out hope that he’s one of your wanna be conquests who invites you to dinner and tries to use your own material on you. i’ll start thinking of some good come-backs now. get back to me.

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