Good Fellas

I’ve gotten a few discouraged e-mails over this last week from readers (I think it was the “let me sniff it” message that really put a damper on peoples’ confidence in the world), so I thought I’d do a “nice post.”  Here are a few sweet or clever messages/profiles I’ve received/seen in the last few weeks.

There ARE good guys out there.  Their profiles may not make us simultaneously spit out our drink laughing while simultaneously dying a little inside…like most of the ones I post – but they exist.  And we should be glad they do.  Here’s some proof:

good fellas - nice smileHow sweet is this?

pick-up line - cleverA little nerdy, but adorable.

awesome shotHow AWESOME is this photo?  I had to “biggen it up” to really soak in its awesomeness.  I don’t know how many attemps it took to make this work,
but I LOVE it.

nice message 2This guy is reacting (in a humorous way) to the comment in my profile about people who don’t know how to correctly distinguish/use “you’re” vs. “your.”  Using that in his message not only let me know he DOES know the difference, but that he actually READ my profile.


pick-up line - dorky but cuteOk – I admit – this is tres cheesy.  But, c’mon… how can you not chuckle at it too?  I know it’s one McNugget away from the kind of pick-up line I post on here and make fun of, but it made me giggle, so that counts for SOMEthing.  🙂

nice message 1Again – someone who obviously read my entire profile (which is no small feat… it’s a tome).  He was cute and winsome.  Well-played.

So – there you have it… just a few examples of decent dudes out there.

And these are strangers.  …In my own circle of friends and acquaintances, including the singles group I coordinate, there are tons of great single men.  Thoughtful, funny, intelligent and generally not prone to sending messages to women saying things like, “I’d hit that.”

Quality, I tell you.

SO – rest assured – for every smarmy man you see on my blog, there is one kind-hearted non-smarmy man out there shaking his head in shame over his peer.


In unrelated news… I am seriously considering coordinating a speed-dating charity event in the coming months – a la “AndAllThatSass.”  (Meaning that it will be awesome).  I will screen candidates and plan the whole event the way I think speed-dating should go.

Any of my readers want to participate?  You need to:

– be in your 30’s or 40’s
– live in the Houston area
– not be a jerkface

Pretty simple, eh?

If you want to participate – use the “Ask Sarah” form to send me a brief description of yourself (include a link to your online profile, if you have one), and I’ll need a photo or two as well.

I’ll only have room for 10 guys and 10 girls, so – act fast!  I think the event will occur in mid-May.  Again…stay tuned…

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  1. loriwilb says:

    I really think you should just give those 3 questions out as screening for anything: are you in your 30s-40s? do you live in Houston? are you a jerkface? If you answered yes to number three, move along, I don’t have time for that.

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