Marriage Proposal Monday

So the other night, I’m sitting in my PJ’s, about to go elbow deep into some microwave popcorn, when my phone vibrates with a message from a friend, telling me she just received a marriage proposal from a guy online.  A guy she’d never met.  A guy she’d never even messaged/talked with.

This is blog fodder GOLD, friends.

I’ll just let you see.

marriage proposal setup


Oooooooooh yeeeeeah, baby.  I was drunk with power… what to say?  What to do?

Was it my place to steer this poor lost lad in proper online dating courtship methods?  You know… stuff like, don’t lead off with lifelong commitment?  After all – with great power comes great responsibility.
Or could I just have some fun with him?

I think you all can probably guess…I chose the latter.


marriage proposal

So there you have it.  I feel I’ve really done some good in this world.

I’m like a SuperHero of online dating, basically.  The Dark Knight (or is it Knightess?) of cyber love.
And you all are my co-voyeurs.

You’re welcome.

2 thoughts on “Marriage Proposal Monday

  1. Bob Garment aka Daddy

    When you put forth a handle like foxytheologiangirl you ARE GOING TO GET multiple proposals for marriage. I wonder who else this guy proposed to – have you checked with calvinistcutie or predestined-darlin? Poor guy. His only hope for happiness now is to plight his troth to noferretall.

    1. smstone Post author

      Hahaha! Well, that’s not her real handle. I wrote that in to protect her online dating privacy… and as a bit of a joke/nod to that friend. But still – you speak the truth.


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