The Author

I guess this is the part where I tell you all about me…. but since this is a blog about online dating and I posted my OWN profile page for the world to see… this seems a tad redundant.  Nevertheless – here goes.

I’m a sassy single mom who hasn’t QUITE lost hope for finding love again, despite the steady parade of disappointment that seems to fly in the face of my stubborn optimism… I’m a foodie; I’m a Zumba addict; a mother of two amazing kiddos; I play guitar and sing; I’m a hopeful romantic; I’ve unwittingly eaten the thalmus of a cow; I’ve never seen Terminator; I have to hold hands a certain way; I sleep in long sleeves so I won’t feel my own breath on my skin; I have an unhealthy relationship with spray butter on my popcorn; I’d have my iphone surgically implanted into my arm if I could; I love to salsa and 2-step; my music tastes span from Jay-Z to Chet Baker to Red Mountain Music and just about everything between; I’m a city girl and a nerd; I think a perfect 3 part harmony is one of the best gifts in this world; I hate poor grammar or bad spelling or incorrect phrasing (e.g. “I could care less”); I sometimes bring my own bag of triscuits in my purse to fine dining establishments; I love good wine, great beer, and a perfectly balanced mojito…. and I have a spirituality/faith that seeks to know and follow Christ, but is messy and searching along the way.

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