She has the NEED… the Need for Speed

You know the moral of that old classic fable, Tortoise and the Hare – “Quick and dirty wins the race?”

Wait, what…. that’s not it?  Really?  I coulda sworn that was it.

Well – anyhoo – speed may not win every time, but I haven’t yet given up on the concept of speed dating.
Sure, it didn’t really work out so well for me on the first go around…
(if you don’t remember or are just joining us – you can read all about it here.)
But, I still think the idea has merit.

I mean… I can tell in the first few minutes with a guy if further studies are needed or if I’d rather be at home knee-deep  in my spanx-free, yoga pants sportin’, popcorn-filled trash-TV night.  So, a whole evening of 5 minute tests …er…I mean, assessments?  Sounds about right.  Time is precious, baby.

And, to that end, I’ll be dragging my friend Jenny to another s.d. event in the coming weeks, which I’m SURE will not disappoint.  After all… the worse it is, the more entertaining reading material it will provide.  You really can’t go wrong.

But until that day, I thought I’d share a post my friend Lincee Ray* wrote on the subject.

She blogs about everything from world travels to the single life to the ever-pressing Bachelor recaps that keep her bajillion readers enraptured in reality-TV bliss.

And she shares an integral and life-giving character trait with me-  un-filtered snarkiness.  How can you resist NOW?
Read it here!


* When people ask Lincee Ray what she does for a living, she tells them that she sings the praises of oilfield rigs and subsea trees for a living. The majority of her job consists of writing nine company newsletters, which can take her to exotic destinations like Williston, North Dakota.  She has been recapping The Bachelor franchise for 10 years on her personal blog,  As a child, she taught herself to say the ABCs backwards.  It kills at parties.  She doesn’t eat meat off the bone.  She’s both an approval and Dr Pepper addict. She’s a little too enthusiastic about her DVR, iPod, Ryan Gosling and teeny bopper shows on the CW.  You can also follow her on Twitter at @Lincee.

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