Sheep’s Head Wednesdays

I met with another blogger the other day (I’d tell you who, but she’s much funnier than I am and I can’t have all 14 of my readers jumping ship YET…)
who gave me some advice on ways to improve my blog. 

One of which, is to introduce a system of categories for postings – where you publish a certain KIND of post on certain pre-determined days…

You know, like…

Mondays – Date Review
Tuesdays – Relationship Ranting
Wednesdays – Winner’s Circle
Thursdays – Baked Potato Night
Fridays – Dealer’s Choice

You get the idea.

Now, this assumes that I’m publishing every day…. bahahahaha!!!!  That’s cute.  

No, but seriously – adorable.

As soon as I start getting paid obscene amounts of money for my oft-enemy-making commentary, I’ll be posting daily…hourly, even.  Heck… I’d keep a steady feed of entertainment flowing into your inboxes, if it would take me to celebrity status.   But, until then, I don’t QUIIIIiiiite have the luxury of time to write for the blog EVERY day.  …yet.

But, still – I’m intrigued by the idea.  So – I’d love you to weigh in.

(Oh… I should add that she said people like to “click things” and to add some polls/surveys. 
So, count it as a public service… consider it practice for the presidential election… whatevs –  click away and be happy that you get a vote.   (….ish))

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7 Responses to Sheep’s Head Wednesdays

  1. Laura Icardi says:

    I have a friend who does a fashion blog, and she doesn’t post every day. BUT she does always do a “Girl Friday” post – so it’s a regular thing you can count on, which is fun – but doesn’t require an every day commitment. Her blog is if you want to see what I’m talking about.

  2. ihate5 says:

    I think this idea is FABULOUS.

  3. Theme days are so fun! I love the idea. Even if you only hit one Monday a month or whatever.

  4. KK says:

    I found your blog through hers yesterday and you are hilarious! In fact I just passed it on to my hairdresser who is going through guy issues of his own and we were laughing about online dating trauma. Great job on your blogs. Can’t wait to read back a bit more on these.

    She gave you some great advice so when you’re ready to expand out a bit, I’m sure you’ll do well. Thanks for keeping the laughs for the rest of us single girls!

  5. melissa says:

    “2 nights he cooks,
    2 nights I cook,
    2 nights we go out,
    and Thursday is sandwich night!”

    Or something like that! Love, love, love your blog.

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